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MBA: Finding the Right Specialization for Your Career

 After choosing to further your education with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, the next step is to align your career goals with an MBA specialization. By choosing a specialization you are further able to hone your focus on a key area of interest to advance your career.

Targeting Your MBA: Choosing A Specialization

Each degree seeker has unique motivations, needs and expectations when selecting an MBA. Finding the right program that offers the desired specialization is essential when evaluating the value of pursuing an MBA.

To choose a specialization, a student should first begin by identifying their primary career goals and passions. By doing so, it becomes easier to select the specialization that will help achieve the desired outcome and ultimately put students in the best position excel in their chosen career path. For those looking to change their career direction, a specialization can help build practical skills and application to make it possible. Selecting the right concentration will help professionals gain the knowledge and proficiencies necessary to facilitate a career advancement or change.

MBA Specializations

Combining the strong business foundation provided by an MBA with a specialization such as one of the following will allow for a student to gain deeper subject matter expertise in relation to one specific area.

Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation

An MBA in entrepreneurship is geared towards individuals who are interested in starting their own business or enterprise. Often times these programs also attract those who already have their own business but would like to find ways to make these ventures more prosperous or learn more effective ways to operate as a whole. This concentration focuses on how to create an effective business plan and best practices to finance a start up.

Some typical courses involved in an entrepreneurial specialization include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financing New Venture
  • Creation and Innovation in Business

Graduates often pursue management roles such as chief executive officers, chief operating officers and general managers. These high-level management roles oversee effective organization and operational practices.

Internet Marketing

With an MBA in internet marketing, students become proficient in the strategies and tools needed for the evolving world of internet marketing. Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace and need qualified individuals to implement successful marketing and business plans in a dynamic and evolving landscape. Individuals who typically pursue an internet marketing specialization are those with an interest in consumer behavior and market trends. Common courses for internet marketing consist of:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Advertising

With this specialization, doors are opened for individuals to pursue roles as promotion manager, marketing managers, public relations managers, analytics managers or SEO specialists. As businesses evaluate and attempt to find effective strategies to market themselves on the web, individuals that specialize in internet marketing have a vast number of options post-graduation.

International Business

Individuals interested in learning business strategies and operations on a global level are likely to pursue an MBA specialization in international business. As companies expand internationally, there becomes a greater need for individuals that have the expertise to operate in other countries and cultures. These programs offer an exploration on how to enter or exit a foreign-market and the impact of globalization on businesses.

Through different courses, students also focus on topics such as international marketing and finance.  With this specialization, international finance studies deal with foreign exchange markets and the risk associated with it as well as effective trading strategies on a global platform. Students are taught the skills necessary to create marketing campaigns that cater to certain regions and strategies for successfully executing those techniques. Students will enroll in courses such as:

  • Multicultural Management
  • International Marketing
  • International Economics and Finance

Potential career options that stem from this specialization are vast. Because of the variety of different aspects to this specialization, graduates can find themselves in a multitude of roles in global organizations. For example, international companies need qualified individuals in all areas to effectively manage and execute global business strategies in marketing, financial and management roles. 

Health Care Administration

Health care administration as a specialization program teaches how to handle the plethora of demands that are associated with working in the health care industry. With a focus on how to deal with economic, regulatory and ethical issues, students analyze potential issues and industry trends to develop strategies and learn methods of leading clinical departments. These individuals often times explore how finances are properly managed, marketing methods and operational skills associated with the health care industry.

To build a foundation for a health care administration specialization, students will take courses like:

  • Public Health Systems
  • Marketing of Health Care Services
  • Finance in Public Health Delivery

Potential career paths include but are not limited to: hospital administrators, health service managers and health care finance managers. These individuals are typically in management or administrative roles in hospitals or other related facilities and work closely with staff to ensure operations are running smoothly and effectively as well as overseeing finances and ensuring that hospitals are providing quality care to patients.

Determining which specialization to pursue is essential for students to gain the most out of their Master of Business Administration degree. Benedictine University’s online MBA offers students the ability select from seven concentrations, offers dual degree options and accelerated tracks to allow students to earn the MBA that best fits their goals.

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