Expand Your Horizons

Online Course Experience

Learn what it’s like to be an online student at Benedictine University. From student engagement to interactive design, we work to provide you with the most engaging experience possible.

All of our programs feature a consistent, easy-to-use framework, and each course incorporates innovative instructional design principles to make the online learning experience productive and enjoyable. Beyond making learning fun, we are also committed to helping students acquire the skills they need to reach their goals. Though we pride ourselves on the quality of our courses, we continuously seek ways to improve.

The Engage Learning Management System

With a focus on usability and design, our online course framework is built according to industry best practices.

  • Easy to use
  • Improved communication
  • Live chat with faculty and classmates
  • Increased social presence
  • See who else is online

Course Design Based on the Latest Research

Our online courses incorporate best practices from the Community of Inquiry Framework (CoI). This model ensures the communal aspect of teaching and learning is not lost in the transition to the online format.

Continuous Improvement

By measuring learning outcomes and through course feedback data acquired from students, we consistently identify ways to improve our programs. This is part of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. We strive to keep our online programs topical and relevant to industry trends and employer needs.

Classroom Interaction

Each program affords numerous ways to engage with and get to know your classmates from around the world, not only within the classroom but beyond the classroom as well. Chances to connect include:

  • Virtual coffee chats with classmates and faculty
  • Virtual webinars
  • Online student groups
  • Online chat

Approachable, Engaging Faculty

Our faculty members pride themselves on being readily available to students by offering several connection opportunities that can include:

  • Weekly office hours
  • Regular feedback
  • Discussion boards
  • Live chat

In a recent alumni survey, more than 80 percent of alumni reported that they were highly satisfied with the level of faculty interaction throughout their online program.

Hands-on Learning

All programs include some form of applied learning opportunity that may include:

  • Internships
  • Practicum experiences
  • Business simulations
  • Residencies
  • Mini capstone experiences

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