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Earn a Scholarship for Your Online Graduate Degree

Benedictine University is proud to announce new scholarships* for students in their online graduate programs. The Alumni Scholarship and the Graduate Merit Scholarship are each designed to reward adult learners for their hard work and dedication to earning an advanced degree while maintaining the balance of work, school, and life commitments. The Partnership Tuition Discount and Alumni Discount offer 25% savings on tuition to those who qualify.

Does Your Program Qualify?

Currently, all online graduate programs qualify for either scholarship awards. This includes:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • MS in Management and Organizational Behavior (MSMOB)
  • MS in Nutrition and Wellness (MSNW)
  • Dual MPH/MBA
  • Dual MSN/MBA
  • Dual MPH/MSMOB

Graduate Merit Scholarship — Last Class FREE!*

The Graduate Merit Scholarship continually motivates you toward academic excellence throughout your program. It helps you celebrate the last course in your degree program by awarding FREE tuition for it.

Given that the Graduate Merit Scholarship is applied at the end of your program for a job well done, it’s important to understand the qualifications.

To qualify you need:

  • A minimum 3.75 graduate GPA from Benedictine University
  • Completed coursework within 3 years of single-degree programs
  • Completed coursework within 4.5 years of dual-degree programs

The application for the Graduate Merit Scholarship is submitted the term prior to your last class. The Graduate Merit Scholarship is self-initiated and you can self-check your qualification status throughout your program, ensuring you are on target to qualify to win this generous award.

Partnership Tuition Discount

Select organizations are working with Benedictine University to ensure you can advance your education and career in an affordable, timely way. If your employer is in a partnership with Benedictine University, you may be eligible for a 25% discount on your tuition for online programs.** Speak with your employer or enrollment counselor to determine if your employer is a partner of Benedictine.

Alumni Discount

If you graduated from Benedictine University and are looking to return, you may be eligible for a 25% alumni discount on your tuition for online programs.**

Get Started Now!

Benedictine University knows first-hand that your new knowledge, skills and experience can make a difference in advancing your career. We welcome adult learners to our online education opportunities, and are excited to support your efforts with these scholarships. Learn more about these awards when you call (866) 295-3104 or request more information.

*Terms and conditions apply. The student must meet all scholarship eligibility criteria as stated on the Alumni Scholarship and Graduate Merit Scholarship Terms and Conditions. Offer is Non-Transferable: Alumni scholarship can only be applied toward tuition. Cannot be redeemed for cash, goods or other services, nor can it be applied to another student or degree program. Tuition discounts cannot be combined as there are no dual discounts.

Benedictine University reserves the right to approve or deny scholarship for any reason.

Alumni Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Graduate Merit Scholarship Terms and Conditions

**This tuition discount applies only to Benedictine University online programs and cannot be combined with other tuition discounts or institutional scholarships. This discount is for tuition only and does not apply to any associated fees. The tuition discount availability and/or amount may vary by program. To confirm tuition discounts and program details, please consult a program manager at Information presented may be revised without notice.

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