Define Your Path

100% Online Coursework

No GRE/GMAT Requirement

18 Months to Graduate

2 Concentrations

The Online One-Year Accelerated MBA

Benedictine's accelerated MBA program is designed for motivated professionals who want to complete their degree faster by taking two classes during each session instead of one. Depending on your educational background, it may be completed in as little as one year.

The Latest Industry Knowledge

Our one-year online MBA program includes business foundation courses as well as managerial studies in critical analysis and decision making. The knowledge you will acquire in one of the top online MBA programs will expose you to new business trends, technological advances, and skills that will prove essential in managing a 21st century workforce.

Hone Your Subject Matter Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation: Study what is needed to start your own business or apply an entrepreneurial mindset in an established organization to drive innovation.
  • Accounting: Develop your knowledge of accounting management and financial reporting.
  • Financial Management: Learn to analyze and interpret financial and economic information to inform your managerial decision-making.
  • Marketing Management: Discover how to identify your target market and give your product or service a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • International Business: Get a global perspective on business operations and strategy, and develop a talent for managing multicultural staff members from around the world.
  • Health Care Administration: Study business within the context of one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Experiential Learning Experiences

Start applying what you learn immediately with classes on the foundations of business, managerial tools and techniques and specific knowledge and skills for your chosen elective area with our online accelerated MBA.

Every week you will have defined learning objectives that you can add to your resume and bring to your manager to show them exactly what you are learning.

Why Choose an Accelerated MBA Degree?

Your online accelerated MBA degree program enables you to:

  • Potentially graduate in as little as one year
  • Maintain family and professional responsibilities with fully online coursework
  • Apply what you learn at work right away
  • Earn a degree from an accredited, brick-and-mortar university
  • Get assistance from a full-time advisor whenever you need help
  • Leverage your MBA degree when it’s time to re-negotiate your salary or apply for a new position
  • Experienced professionals may enjoy an immediate advantage when they apply for Benedictine’s online executive MBA program. Depending on your educational background, you may be able to waive up to four foundation courses, so you can finish the program even faster. 

Jump-Start Your Career Now

The curriculum in the online accelerated MBA offers breadth as well as depth. Review the fundamentals; get a leader's perspective on finance, strategy, economics, project management, critical analysis and decision making; and delve more deeply into your specific area of interest with elective courses.

Maximize your potential with the accelerated MBA degree online from Benedictine University. Request more information or call us today at (866) 295-3104.