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Top MBA Healthcare Administration Careers

As the healthcare industry grows, so too does the demand for qualified healthcare administrators. Not only do these professionals understand the needs of the healthcare system, they are also trained to look at the business of healthcare in a strategic, analytic way.

Most healthcare administration careers require an advanced degree such as an MBA in healthcare administration. Those who do earn the degree can expect strong career opportunities. MBA healthcare administration salaries are increasing, and employment opportunities for managers in medical and health services is projected to grow much faster over the next few years than other occupations.1

Here are five of the top healthcare administration careers.

Executive Director

Executive directors lead healthcare organizations and are responsible for developing strategic plans.2 They manage operational budgets, supervise department heads, oversee day-to-day activities and plan for the future. Average salaries range from $61,823 to $169,694.3

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief nursing officers oversee the hiring, supervising, scheduling and managing of the nursing staff in a healthcare facility.4 They ensure the nursing staff follows all hospital procedures and work with the staff to provide optimal patient care. Average salaries range from $100,557 to $200,549.3

Director of Operations

Directors of operations manage a facility’s employees and may be responsible for making certain purchases for the organization.5 They may negotiate contracts with vendors and often work closely with the chief financial officer. Average salaries range from $77,190 to $150,201.3

Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing home administrators oversee various aspects of the running of a nursing home.6 They manage residents, supervise facility management systems, and ensure the home operates according to professional standards and all state and federal regulations.7 Average salaries range from $64,416 to $115,922.3

Practice Administrator

Practice administrators run the business side of a medical practice.8 They typically manage staffing, supervise purchasing, oversee budgets and make sure all regulations are followed. Average salaries range from $59,522 to $124,162.3

No matter what type of healthcare administration career interests you, you’ll be better prepared to take on a leadership role in healthcare administration if you have an MBA in healthcare administration.

By pursuing an online MBA in healthcare administration, you can advance your professional goals and increase your earning potential without having to put your career on hold. For more information about Benedictine University’s Online MBA in Health Care Administration program, call (866) 295-3104 to speak with a program manager.


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