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M.B.A. Online Career Outlook

  • Top-paying industries for M.B.A.s include consulting, financial services, technology, consumer packaged goods, real estate, retail and manufacturing1
  • $84,580 projected starting salary for M.B.A. graduates in 2019 — 10.9% more than in 2018 and $25,000+ higher than bachelor's in business graduates2
  • 906,800 new managerial positions projected from 2020 — 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics3

Succeed across a variety of industries with the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) online from Benedictine University.

You will gain the confidence to face 21st-century business challenges anywhere in the world and acquire a mix of both foundational business knowledge and specialized expertise, with the option to explore health administration, marketing, international business, entrepreneurship, and other in-demand disciplines.

Earning your M.B.A can help you earn a promotion, a higher salary and access to opportunities with the world's top companies. An M.B.A degree signals to employers that you take your career seriously and could be your stepping stone to future success.

Top 5 Career Paths With an M.B.A.

Earning your master's in business administration qualifies you for a range of in-demand careers. In 2019, U.S. News & World Report ranked the following five positions the most promising for M.B.A. graduates:4

  1. Product Manager: In this role, you'd oversee every aspect of a product's release to the public, coordinating teams companywide to ensure timely development, promotion and launch. Product managers have an average base pay of $113,903.5
  2. Consultant: As a consultant, you'd provide expert advice to ensure your clients and companies reach their goals. Depending on your area of expertise, you could consult on a variety of topics, including management, technology, marketing and more. Business consultants have an average annual salary of $77,433.6
  3. Medical and Health Services Manager: In this role, you'd manage health care–focused teams and ensure health organizations function smoothly and serve the public efficiently and effectively. Medical and health services managers have a median annual salary of $101,340.7
  4. Financial Manager: As a financial manager, you'd ensure an organization is financially sound, prepare financial reports, and oversee processes such as payroll, invoicing, tax filings and investments. Financial managers have an average salary of $76,511.8
  5. Product Marketing Manager and Brand Marketing Manager: In general, marketing managers stay abreast of market trends and develop strategies for reaching specific audiences. Product marketing managers earn an average annual salary of $94,347,9 while brand marketing managers average $76,51610 per year.

In addition to these positions, there are many more available for graduates of Benedictine's M.B.A online program. Past Benedictine M.B.A alumni have also attained titles such as Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Director of Marketing, Lead HR Director, Senior Development Manager and more.

Build Your Skills With an M.B.A. Elective Area

The global business climate is continually evolving, and successful business leadership requires unique skills. Choose from Benedictine's six M.B.A elective areas to stand out to employers and develop your career in a specific area:

  • Marketing Management: Explore digital marketing, branding, advertising, public relations and global markets and gain the tools to develop an integrated marketing strategy.
  • International Business: As global companies expand internationally, learn how to do business with companies and people from other countries and cultures.
  • Finance: Explore how to analyze and interpret financial information from a managerial perspective, assessing stability and profitability and improving financial performance.
  • Entrepreneurship: Learn how to realize your dreams of business ownership with a firm grasp on strategy and hands-on learning under your instructor's direct supervision.
  • Accounting: Examine accounting theory and best practices so you can help organizations stay vigilant about proper accounting records and financial reports.
  • Healthcare Administration: Apply the strategic and analytical capabilities of business administration to the ever-changing, ever-growing industry of health care.

In 2019, 64% of employers were seeking graduates with specialized business master's degrees, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council11

Career Support for Benedictine M.B.A. Students

The Benedictine Virtual Career Center (BVCC) provides Benedictine students and alumni with access to hundreds of current internships, job opportunities (part and full time), career fairs and networking events that help expose students to the nation's top employers. On BVCC, you can search job openings by industry, salary, location and areas of interest with just the click of a button.

You can also submit your resume directly to the BVCC website and have it personally reviewed by a director in the Office of Career Development, who will give you personal feedback within 48 hours.

Additionally, all of Benedictine's Career Center resources are available online at your convenience. From resume/CV templates to downloadable guides on interviewing skills and salary negotiations, the Career Development website has a variety of resources for you to use.

Discover Endless Opportunities

To learn more about Benedictine's M.B.A online program, request more information or call us at (866) 295-3104 to speak to one of our Program Managers.


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