Enhance Healthcare

NRHL 4375 Healthcare Policy, Regulation and Advocacy

Provides an overview of health care policy, organization, and financing with emphasis on industry trends. Current policy initiatives involving health care delivery as well as the role of the nurse leader and other stakeholders in shaping legislative change are analyzed. The impact of information and patient care technology and its effects on healthcare will be evaluated. Students will explore and define the role of the professional nurse in influencing and advocating for continuous quality improvement in healthcare delivery and healthcare policy formation. 3 semester credit hours.

Prerequisite NRHL 3330, NRHL 3335, NRHL 3340, and NRHL 3345.

Completion of this course with a grade of “B” or better is required to waive enrollment in NRHL 5505 for students admitted into the Benedictine University MSN Program.