Enhance Healthcare

Online RN to BSN Curriculum

Challenge yourself to increase your knowledge with relevant coursework in our RN to BSN curriculum. Reach the next level of nursing and provide and lead enhanced patient care as a member of an interprofessional healthcare team.

In this 34-credit curriculum, you will follow a sequence of courses designed to build on each other. Topics include advancing perspectives of professional nursing; designing and delivering evidence-based practice; impacting health promotion for families, communities, and older adults; influencing the creation and implementation of healthcare policy; advancing skills as a nurse leader; and more.

Your coursework will connect what you learn to current healthcare challenges, with assignments that are relevant to the life of the working RN and learning you can put to use in meeting daily employment expectations.

Clinical Experiences

This curriculum includes a variety of clinical experiences involving community/population health and evolving nursing leadership. Many of the experiences are self-selected and scheduled to allow for the flexibility needed by the working nurse.

Benedictine Hallmarks

The RN to BSN curriculum thoughtfully and carefully weaves Benedictine University's 10 Hallmarks throughout the courses, touching on Community and Hospitality to Stewardship and Humility. These come to life in courses through either discussions, written assignments, or personal reflection, and provide evidence-based, person-centered care that promotes health equity.

Review the descriptions below for a look at what you can expect to learn in each of the 11 courses in this curriculum.

RN to BSN Nursing Courses

Interdisciplinary Seminars