Enhance Healthcare

NRHL 4365 Health Promotion for Families, Communities, and Populations

Explores the concept of patient-centered healthcare promotion from the perspective of the individual, family, and community within a global context. Provides an in-depth review of approaches to health promotion as well as effective collaboration among members of the health care community. Focuses on potential barriers that place individuals, families, and vulnerable populations at risk for major health problems. Students explore the problems and issues in using behavioral and social science theories, concepts, and data to inform health promotion and health education research and interventions. 3 semester credit hours.

Prerequisite: NRHL 3330, NRHL 3335, NRHL 3340 and NRHL 3345.

Completion of this course; in addition to NRHL 4392 with a grade of “B” or better is required to waive enrollment in NRHL 5501 for students admitted into the Benedictine University MSN Program.