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Internet Marketing Masters Degree

At the forefront of almost all modern marketing, sales and advertising campaigns is a compelling online component. Learn the most effective web marketing tactics, strategies and tools through the Internet Marketing concentration of Benedictine's online Master of Business Administration (MBA). This concentration provides cutting edge content designed to develop your proficiency with digital and social media channels.

Why Choose Internet Marketing MBA Concentration?

Effective Internet marketing involves more than just grafting traditional marketing techniques onto the web. In this concentration, you will study:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Search engine optimization tactics
  • Marketing automation strategies
  • Data analysis and conversion optimization
  • Social media marketing tactics
  • Emerging technologies

A Program That Adapts as Quickly as the Web Changes

The Internet Marketing concentration is expertly designed to adapt as quickly as the web changes. Benedictine’s Internet Marketing concentration courses cover topics that show students how to build email lists, design effective marketing campaigns, and consistently move customers through the sales funnel. The result is a real-time curriculum that powers your Internet marketing career right now.

The program also includes mini capstone experiences that allow you to apply your learnings to real world scenarios in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of your instructor. Students have the opportunity to build a social media campaign, develop a conversion optimization test plan, complete the Conversion Optimization Certification test, and examine web analytics of an existing corporation.

Benedictine’s instructors and advisors work hard to help students design academic programs of study that best fit their professional needs and goals. To that end, online students adding the Internet Marketing MBA concentration to their degree program select three of the following four degree program foundation courses.

The Internet Marketing Master's Degree Program Curriculum

  • MBA 594 Search Engine Optimization
    Study the fundamentals and best practices of SEO, including keyword research and analysis, link-building, link-baiting and copywriting. Learn how to incorporate best SEO practices into new and existing websites, compose search-engine-friendly copy and optimize websites for local search results.
  • MBA 595 Social Media
    Learn to design, implement, and evaluate an effective social media strategy that integrates blogs, video, photos, social networks and search-optimized press releases. Additional topics include viral marketing, online reputation management and tactics for gaining visibility within search engines.
  • MBA 592 Conversion Optimization
    Successfully convert visitors to customers by studying customer personas, optimization techniques, and methods for establishing credibility with your users. Explore conversion planning and structure, building momentum, engaging in dialogue and measuring outcomes. Learn to focus on the customer and identify opportunities to create a positive user experience that results in customer engagement.
  • MBA 593 Web Analytics
    Learn the basic framework of web analysis, gain proficiency at testing, and leverage analytics insight into useful surveys, experiments and assessments such as A/B splits and multivariate testing. The curriculum also covers KPIs, segmentation, reports and multichannel analytics. You will build a solid foundation of advanced analytic strategies and an understanding of useful metrics.

Whether your end goal is to create winning Internet marketing campaigns for your employer or your own company, Benedictine’s Internet Marketing program will help you achieve that goal. Get up to date on technology and digital channels with the Internet Marketing concentration of the online MBA. Contact us to request more information, apply online or speak to a Program Manager at (866) 295-3104.