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MBA in Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation Online

If you dream about being your own boss, then Benedictine's MBA with Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation electives online program could help you realize your dreams of business ownership. Balance the excitement and risk of starting your own venture with a firm grasp on a strategy for entrepreneurial success.

Experiential Learning That You Can Apply Immediately

Entrepreneurs and their start-up companies are absolutely vital to the American economy. The Entrepreneurship elective courses prepare students to create a successful business though mini capstone experiences where you can practice your learning hands-on under the direct supervision of your instructor.

A Degree That Provides Career Versatility

Entrepreneurship can mean a lot more than just starting a company. Whether you have, or are thinking about, starting your own business, are working for a startup company or want to provide consulting for other businesses, Benedictine's online Entrepreneurship electives will equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

The three courses in the Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation elective area focus on key skills required to develop and assess business opportunities and nurture new ventures, such as:

  • Managing creativity—Great ideas need solid plans to become viable business operations. You will learn how to promote organizational innovation while also applying structure to those new projects.
  • Building a business plan—The foundation of a successful business venture depends on going through the steps to build a strong strategy. Writing a business plan will help to clarify the goals for your new company and identify the specific tasks and resources required to achieve those goals.
  • Financing your venture—Combine your creative idea with the business plan to present investors, banks, and loan companies the opportunity to invest capital in your venture.

The Master of Entrepreneurship Elective Curriculum

The Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation electives are three specific courses in addition to the MBA courses:

  • MBA 559 Entrepreneurship
    Learn about new venture management by studying entrepreneurial personalities, methods for managing creativity and paths to establishing a successful enterprise. Examine the critical factors involved in the initiation and development of new business ventures with a global perspective. Topics include opportunity recognition, market assessment, organizational structure, seed capital and venture capital, successful business management and exit strategies. You will work on a new business plan as a course project to build your understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process.
  • MBA 622 Creativity and Innovation in Business
    This course focuses on both individual and group methods to enhance innovation in an organization through creativity and new technologies to develop new products and processes. Learn the characteristics of corporate innovation, compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of internal corporate venture initiatives, delineate conditions that support successful new product development, analyze various methods that enhance creative ability and explain the importance of corporate sustainability and its impact on business models.
  • MBA 655 Financing New Ventures
    Explore various methods of obtaining financing to keep your new venture running smoothly. Learn about venture capital and private equity markets as a source of funding as well as strategies to help secure alternative funding for your new enterprise. You will also examine various financial strategies and management skills necessary to guide new and growing enterprises in a global business environment.

Why Benedictine University Online?

By earning your online MBA with Entrepreneurship electives at Benedictine, you can take advantage of all that Benedictine has to offer its students:

  • The fully online, interactive format gives you the flexibility to complete your coursework according to your own schedule.
  • Earn the same respected and highly-regarded degree as students in the traditional, on-campus MBA program.
  • Get help from a full-time advisor when you need it.
  • Immediately apply highly adaptable tools and concepts you learn in class to your current business plan or work duties.
  • Participate in what U.S. News & World Report named one of the "Best Online Graduate Business Programs.”
  • Depending on your professional experience, you could attend one of the best online MBA programs without GMAT scores required.

Find out more about how Benedictine's online MBA can prepare you for a future of exciting business endeavors. Call (866) 295-3104 today to speak to a Program Manager, or request more information.