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Online MBA Accounting

In today's closely monitored economic and business environment, organizations must be vigilant about maintaining proper accounting records and financial reports. All companies, regardless of size or sector, continue to need individuals with a solid understanding of accounting theory and best practices who can ensure ethical and accurate financial reporting. Benedictine University's online MBA Accounting electives will help you and your organization compete in a business environment that is subject to greater financial scrutiny and oversight.

The online MBA Accounting electives are designed for professionals interested in accounting roles at various types of organizations, such as privately held companies, large corporations, nonprofits and consulting firms.

Acquire the Advanced Skills that Employers Demand

Careers in accounting are demanding. Being an accountant requires integrity, business instinct, the ability to find efficiencies and the communication skills required to explain complex information in laymen’s terms. Our diverse curriculum helps you acquire these skills and can open up new MBA career opportunities in the accounting field.

Hands on Learning from the Comfort of Your Home

The elective courses also include mini capstone experiences that allow you to apply your learning to real world scenarios in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of your instructor.

The Online Accounting MBA Electives Curriculum

In addition to core MBA concepts, the online MBA Accounting electives cover financial and managerial accounting, the theory and practice of financial reporting, and the impact of taxes on business decisions. Concentration-specific classes will give you the technical knowledge you need to pursue a successful career in accounting.

The Accounting electives require three accounting-specific courses in addition to your foundation and managerial process coursework, for a total of 16 courses:

  • MSA 603 Cost Analysis, Profit Planning and Control (4 Credits)
    In this course you will examine management control systems as tools to implement and track strategy. You will also see how management control systems can influence human behavior in organizations. You will use “responsibility centers” to impact the control process and you will analyze their underlying control techniques and various evaluation metrics. The "profit center" approach is one of the most widely employed evaluation techniques to measure performance. You will gain a clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. You will also look at a number of techniques used to measure profitability.
  • MSA 604 Theory and Practice of Financial Report
    In this course you will examine the flexibility of U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) for income and the various management techniques that can be used to influence the formal presentation of an organization's financial statements. You will evaluate the movement toward a single set of GAAP accounting and financial statement presentation rules for the global economy. As you grasp the specific reasons behind a balance sheet’s structure, you will observe how the income statement is used as an audit tool to illustrate cash flow. You will also become familiar with time-series and cross-sectional financial statement analysis.
  • MST 605 Tax Influences on Decision Making
    This course presents the impact of federal income taxation on various business decisions, such as the type of business organization, capital gains, timing of income, depreciation, investments and employee benefits. In addition, segments of the course will focus on individual income taxation and the core areas of expense deductions, exemptions, income recognition and special credits. You will also learn to effectively communicate tax accounting concepts using appropriate terminology to gain a better understanding of the theory and objectives of tax law, as well as the outcomes (in terms of dollars and cents) of various different tax strategies, tactics, elections and related decisions.

Why Choose Benedictine's Online MBA in Accounting?

Earning your graduate business degree online from Benedictine allows you to fit your MBA studies into your life. By earning your MBA at Benedictine, you can take advantage of all the benefits that the university offers its students:

  • Classes are fully online so you can schedule your coursework around your personal and professional commitments.
  • Earn a degree from a highly respected university with a strong academic history going back more than 130 years.
  • Full-time advisors are available to help and answer questions as needed.
  • Participate in an MBA program that U.S. News & World Report named to their list of the "Best Online Graduate Business Programs."
  • Earn your master’s degree with one of the most in-demand MBA concentrations available today.
  • Learn from seasoned faculty members who have extensive experience in management, accounting, and consulting. Among them are government advisors, best-selling authors, and international speakers.
  • As an online student at Benedictine, you can take advantage of the many career resources available at our Virtual Career Center.

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