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Organizational Change and Restructuring

Learn to effectively implement change with targeted management and organizational behavior courses.

Managing organizational change can be one of the most difficult challenges in business. Successful change management helps ensure that all employees, including executive leadership, transition smoothly to new behaviors and understand the long term benefits to the company.

The online Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University will help you become an influential leader in change management by developing an understanding of organizational change and restructuring so that you are prepared to develop strategic plans to help your organization adapt to change successfully.

Knowledge That You Can Use

The MS in Management and Organizational Behavior will expose you to many strategies and tactics top leaders use to successfully restructure organizations. Courses include:

  • Strategies for Change
    Learn how to develop and implement strategies to cope with change and drive results. In this course, you will focus on evaluating and selecting different process to implement change and learn effective interventions to improve interpersonal relationships and group dynamics in the process.
  • Organization Design
    Explore how organization design is influenced by strategy, environmental forces and internal processes. In this course you will evaluate various organizational structures and performance measurement systems and learn how current challenges, including globalization, interorganizational relationships and technology affect organization design.
  • Organizational Assessment
    Gain the knowledge and skills to conduct organizational assessments and participate in projects geared to bring about improvements, facilitate change, growth and alignment.
  • Contemporary Trends in Change Management Lecture Series
    Learn from top academics, consultants and professors, and discuss current organizational behavior and development trends with your peers at the two-day Contemporary Trends In Change Management lecture series at Benedictine’s Lisle, Illinois campus.

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