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Human Resource Management

Learn how to increase your impact with management and organizational behavior courses.

Human resource departments are instrumental to an organization’s success. Effectively training, advising and communicating with employees can increase employee productivity, improve organizational culture and have a significant positive impact on the bottom line. Today’s human resource managers must be prepared to design and implement strategies that foster multi-generational workforces, increase employee retention and facilitate growth.

Effective HR Practices

Led by a faculty that draw from real-world experiences, the online MS in Management and Organizational Behaviorfrom Benedictine University provides an advanced understanding of HR Management topics, including:

  • How to hire the right people
  • Motivation strategies that increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Effective performance management plans
  • Communication tactics that really work
  • Training and development
  • Managing employee benefits and safety in the workplace

Applicable courses include:

  • Human Resource Planning
    In this course you will be introduced to strategic human resource management theories and examine the important relationship between business and human resource planning. You will also learn how to effectively influence the character of the workforce, manage different career stages and examine contemporary issues in career management.
  • Conflict Management
    Human behavior is often misinterpreted and sometimes even manipulated in the workplace resulting in disagreement and conflict. This course explores the nature of interpersonal and intragroup conflict, examining its underlying causes and effective strategies to manage it.
  • Career and Human Resource Planning
    Learn about the variety of roles for human resource professionals and the day-to-day challenges associated with them. Topics covered include career management theory, career stages, career choices and change.
  • Training and Development
    Learn about all aspects of training and development ranging from how to conduct a need assessment to training plan design and evaluation.
  • Labor Relations
    Discover the basic concepts of labor relations including interactions between labor and management. Learn about the negotiation process and issues that arise during contract administration so that you are prepared to manage these issues yourself.

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