How To Be an Ethical Leader in Business

Have you seen Netflix’s Smartest Guys in the Room? It’s based on McLean & Elkind's 2003 book of the same name that chronicles the rise and fall of Enron. It’s a fascinating story of ambition, greed, and a complete lack of an ethical compass. At the same time that Enron's leaders were preaching to their employees about doing the right thing, they were doing every wrong thing you could imagine.

Leadership Qualities of a Good Manager

Just because someone is in a managerial or supervisory role,  doesn’t automatically make that person a true leader. That designation is often reserved for those who display a certain set of attributes in addition to practical business skills. These leadership qualities are in high demand for good reason — they can drive organizational success and elevate employee morale. Here’s a synopsis of the qualities of a good manager.

Understanding Business Performance

Business performance is a lot like art. It seems to be hard to define. A lot of people have different ideas about what it takes to create good performance. One of the things I have noticed as I do presentations on business performance is that many people approach driving business performance without the proper context. Hopefully this article can help provide some of that.  

Why I Came Up With My Own 360 Assessment

As an executive coach, I take what I like to call 'data driven' engagements I take look at what is expected of the client, have them complete a personality assessment (I usually use the Birkman) and then complete a 360 assessment to determine what people in the organization think of the person I am coaching. Using these data points, we then develop an actionable plan that builds upon the executives strengths and mitigates their blind spots.

Financial Reporting: Why Numbers aren’t the Only Metric Measured

Each term, I share with my MBA students the importance of the financial metrics. After all, the financial report card is an important tool to help increase stock prices and spur future investments. Having a strong working knowledge of these metrics is an important piece of the MBA learning process. At Benedictine University one such example is the use of the BSG (Business Strategy Game) simulation.

The GMAT Exam: What is it and Do I Need to Take it?

It has been some years since I completed the Graduate Management Admissions Test or “GMAT” as it is generally known. At the time it was one of the required steps to complete in the MBA application process. The Graduate Management Admission Council or “GMAC” owns and administers the test throughout the world at various times of the year. Today the exam can be completed online and may be taken multiple times but a fee will be required each time.

How Your Nursing Leadership Style Affects Organizational Performance

Earning an online Master of Science in Nursing degree at Benedictine University provides registered nurses with the skills and coursework necessary to become effective leaders in the health care industry. 

Nurse leaders naturally adopt a certain leadership style that sets a direction and tone for their staff. The leadership style doesn’t just affect employees; it also may affect the entire organization.