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Top 15 Places to Look For MPH Jobs

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Qualified public health graduates are in high demand. Employment in health care occupations is projected to grow 16% from 2020 to 2030. That growth will equate to 2.6 million jobs.

Benedictine University’s online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program prepares students for these exciting and challenging careers.

To see the kinds of MPH jobs that are currently available for graduates with a public health degree, here’s a list of the top 15 places to look for employment. From entry-level opportunities to long-term employment, these sites will help graduates launch their public health careers.

General Public Health Jobs

1. lists thousands of jobs across the United States in the public health field. Students can search using specific keywords or by the dates when jobs are posted. Job descriptions are detailed and provide a starting salary for each position available.

2. GovernmentJobs
The GovernmentJobs website has a special section devoted to public health jobs. Jobs within city, county or state governments are most commonly listed. Career opportunities can be searched by location, salary, job title and date posted.

3. WayUp
This website is geared toward students looking specifically for internships or entry-level positions in the public health field. Searches can be narrowed down by a specific city.

4. Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service
Jobs listed on this website focus on fighting disease, conducting research and caring for patients in underserved communities. Jobs range in type from research assistant to director-level roles.

5. Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
This website is aimed toward those interested in the field of health education. Individuals can look for public health jobs by keyword, job title, level, location and more. The site also allows users to set up job alerts and save jobs.

6. National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC)
NCHEC certifies health education specialists and supports professional development. The site has a listing of Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and/or Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) jobs that can be sorted by location and date posted.

7. HPCareerNet
This website lists contract, full-time and part-time public health education jobs in a searchable list that can be filtered by location.

Public Health Jobs Within Government Agencies

8. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a jobs section on its website that offers public health jobs as they become available. Fellowship opportunities are also listed.

9. National Institutes for Health
The National Institutes for Health has its own jobs section. The site also offers specific information for recent public health graduates looking to work at the institution.

10. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
There is an employment section specifically for this agency, which offers jobs primarily located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Morgantown, W. Va., Pittsburgh, Pa., and Spokane, Wash., with a limited number of positions located in Atlanta, Ga., and Washington, D.C.

11. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Jobs and fellowships are listed in the job opportunities section of this agency’s website. As the agency’s name suggests, most jobs have a research focus to them.

12. Illinois Public Health Association
For graduates living in Illinois, this state agency offers jobs in public health advocacy, education and promotion. To search job listings, an account must be created through the site.

Public Health Jobs Abroad

13. Global Health Jobs
For graduates looking to work abroad, Global Health Jobs has job listings for jobs all over the world. The site lists jobs in various categories from all over the world, all of which focus on improving global health.

14. International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH)
Graduates can find job opportunities in 20 countries, including working with local ministries of health, universities, non-governmental organizations and medical facilities that support the development of a skilled health workforce.

15. World Health Organization
With job opportunities around the world, the World Health Organization offers graduates a chance to impact health care on a global scale. The organization also has a well-developed internship program.

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