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Online Post-Master's Certificate: Nurse Executive Leader

Through Benedictine University's online Post-Master's Certificate: Nurse Executive Leader, you'll gain advanced knowledge to pursue career advancement opportunities in nursing management and executive leadership. Designed to prepare you to take the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Nurse Executive Advanced certification exam, you will develop a dynamic skill set that combines strategic communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, systems thinking, and financial management. The post-master’s certificate program is ideal for master’s or doctoral prepared nurses who seek advanced nurse executive leadership education.

Quick Facts:

  • Complete in just 1.5 semesters
  • 3 courses
  • Affordable at $1,500 per course
  • No practicum component

Nurse administrators earn an average salary of $87,879.1

After completing the 100% online certificate program, you can expect to enter a variety of new positions and seek promotion opportunities. The 9-semester credit hour nurse executive leader certificate will prepare you for leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings including:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Out-patient facilities
  • Community-based health organizations
  • Public health settings
  • Long-term and rehabilitative care settings

Advance Your Career in Nursing Leadership: Curriculum

In the online coursework that spans nine semester hours, you will develop innovative nursing leadership skills. The faculty strive to create a dynamic, interactive, and caring academic culture, you will engage with them as part of our CCNE accredited MSN program. Moreover, the curriculum provides you with the advanced knowledge to meet the education requirements for eligibility to take the Nurse Executive Advanced certification examination offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

The online Post-Master's Certificate: Nurse Executive Leader program is comprised of three, 8-week courses typically offered during fall, spring and summer terms.

NRHL 6620 Building Effective Communication and Relationships (3 Credits)
This course covers knowledge and skills related to effective communication and relationship-building across various healthcare settings. Students study communication strategies to address nursing and organizational issues and conflicts, as well as advanced communication skills related to diversity in the workplace, generational benefits, recruitment and retention, collaborative decision-making and shared governance. Building trust and credible organizational relationships with key stakeholders is also emphasized.

Prerequisites: NRHL 5501, NRHL 5502, NRHL 5505 and NRHL 5506 or acceptance into the Post Master's Nurse Executive Leader Certificate program.

NRHL 6646 Leadership and Systems Thinking (3 Credits)
This course explores principles of nursing leadership and the skills required for nurse managers and executives to function effectively in complex healthcare environments. The student develops leadership self-awareness in order to effectively lead change, build strong cultures and effective teams, and resolve conflicts.

Prerequisites: NRHL 6620, NRHL 6622 and NRHL 6624 or acceptance into the Post Master's Nurse Executive Leader Certificate program.

NRHL 6648 Financial Management and Resource Allocation (3 Credits)
This course advances student knowledge regarding financial accounting, budgeting, cost analysis, planning and control, and management of financial resources. The role of nurse manager and executive leader as it relates to responsible financial management in healthcare is explored.

Prerequisites: NRHL 6646 or acceptance into the Post Master's Nurse Executive Leader Certificate program.