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Online Dual MSN/MBA Degree Program

As a nurse, you already embody the Benedictine tradition of selfless service and sensitivity for those who are ill. Earning your Dual MSN/MBA from Benedictine University will help you become a servant leader who can skillfully guide healthcare staff and entire organizations through inevitable but unpredictable changes.

How Does the Online Dual Degree Program Work?

Students in the dual degree program must be accepted into both degree programs. Students will complete the MSN degree, nurse executive leader concentration, first and then begin the courses for the MBA degree. Upon completion, you will earn two diplomas.

The program is completed in just 23 courses, as opposed to the 26 courses that would be required if you take each degree separately.

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11-20 hours
Average time spent by online students per week on coursework.

Who Should Apply to the Dual MSN/MBA Online Program?

The online dual MSN/MBA program is designed for nurse professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of advanced nursing practice and the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems, identify opportunities, and make dependable decisions within healthcare settings based on finance, economics, operations, marketing and management principles.

The program is ideal for those seeking to advance to administrative and leadership positions in healthcare facilities.

2 years of school, 1 degree2 years of school, 1 degree 4 years of school, 2 degrees
Learn skills specific to the nursing professionMaster business management skillsAcquire both nursing and business management skills
Fully online programFully online programFully online program
12 courses14 courses 23 courses

What Does the Online MSN/MBA Have to Offer?

In the online dual MBA and nursing master's program, you will learn to:

  • Demonstrate competence in the integration of nursing and the related sciences required to analyze, design, implement and evaluate outcomes of nursing care in diverse populations.
  • Use leadership and decision-making skills to ensure quality and safe care delivery to individuals, populations, or communities in a variety of healthcare delivery systems.
  • Apply research outcomes in the practice setting, implement best practices across healthcare environments and communicate results intended to improve clinical practice.
  • Advocate for policies that improve both health outcomes for patients as well as the quality of the overall healthcare system.
  • Identify and analyze the elements of health system financial statements.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts and analytic tools used in business.
  • Demonstrate the use of cost accounting concepts.
  • Identify assessment models for measuring and improving productivity and operational performance.

Why Choose the Dual MSN/MBA Online Program?

Pursuing an online dual master’s degree in nursing and business offers many benefits, including:

  • Earn two master’s degrees in less time and fewer courses than you would taking both programs separately.
  • Complete the program entirely online – no residency requirement, no need to visit campus, and no scheduled online class times.

Save more than $12,000 and 10 months when you combine your MSN and MBA studies instead of earning each degree separately.

Learn more about the MSN/MBA Online Program

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