Impact Lives

Judith V. Treschuk, Ph.D., CNS, RN, CNE

Adjunct Faculty
Judith Treschuk

Dr. Treschuk received her BSN and MSN degrees at the University of Connecticut and completed my PhD in nursing at the University of Rhode Island. Throughout her nursing career she has been committed to her personal learning and growth and to being an active participant in the practice of nursing. She has always had an interest in the health care of the elderly population and is a clinical specialist in gerontological nursing. Dr. Treschuk’s nursing practice experience includes many years of nursing management in the role of director of nursing in long term care. She has also worked caring for the mentally ill both in chronic settings and as a coordinator of psychiatric services to the elderly population. Dr. Treschuk has a deep commitment to the holistic practice of nursing and a particular interest in spirituality, both in relation to health and in relation to the actual practice of nursing. In addition, she has practiced in the field of home care and community health and has an abiding interest in “big picture” health issues, such as the overall health of the population and the environment and critical concerns such as bioterrorism and communicable diseases. The exploding increases in chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have also led her to be a strong proponent of preventative health strategies and health promotion. Dr. Treschuk is also quite involved with informatics and technology to help improve nursing practice and provide evidenced-based and safe care to clients.

Dr. Treschuk’s clinical interests in nursing management, geriatrics, psych mental health, and community health are balanced with a passionate interest in theoretical thinking, critical thinking, and understanding nursing theory and research. She likes "thinking about thinking" and is especially interested in helping both student nurses and practicing nurses to discover or rediscover the relevance of coherent, theoretically sound thinking to the enactment of nursing practice. She is strong in her belief that nurses need to embrace the knowledge base of nursing and understand that nursing is a profession in its' own right. She is particularly interested in helping to make nursing theory relevant to nursing practice and loves to facilitate the learning of others in these realms. She also enjoys research and seeking answers to practice focused questions. Dr. Treschuk has been a full time educator for the past ten years and enjoys teaching very much.