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NRHL 6655 Advanced Nursing Practice: Capstone Project Implementation

NRHL 6653

This course provides opportunities for the student to apply knowledge and skills learned throughout the program into nursing practice. Under the direction of the faculty and guidance from the preceptor, students complete a nursing project that demonstrates their cumulative learning, nursing practice abilities, and professional growth that reflects master’s nursing practice. The project validates students' ability to synthesize and apply new knowledge and skills to real-world clinical issues and problems. The course requires 70 practicum clock hours of clinical learning experiences in the practice setting. Pre-requisites: NRHL 6653. 3 semester hours

Course Topics

Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Reflection on Master’s Level Nursing Practice Competencies 9-12
  • Nursing Project Purpose and Goals
  • Reflection on Master’s Level Nursing Practice Competencies 13-15
  • Nursing Capstone Project Implementation and Evaluation and Poster Presentation
  • Preceptor Feedback: Clinical Practicum Evaluation Tool

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of NRHL 6655, you will be able to:

  • Implement and evaluate a nursing project designed to address a clinically relevant nursing practice issue.
  • Collaborate with members of the interprofessional team to effectively address practice or system issues.
  • Communicate to appropriate stakeholders the best evidence to base practice decisions, including the credibility of sources of information and relevance to the clinical practice problem confronted.
  • Critique professional growth and development in accordance with the MSN student learning outcomes throughout the graduate nursing clinical practicum experience.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in 15 master’s level clinical competencies as articulated in The Essentials of Master’s Education.