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Marketing Management Electives

Today's businesses need marketing experts with the savvy to thrive in a competitive market. Consumers are more sophisticated than ever and marketing messages bombard us at every turn. Benedictine University's online MBA marketing management electives will give you the tools to develop a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy for each stage of a product or service's life cycle, including studies in digital marketing, branding, advertising, public relations and global markets.

During your studies in the Benedictine online MBA program, you'll gain management-level knowledge in:

  • The most recent consumer behavior studies
  • Digital marketing trends
  • The impact and application of technology on market research and strategies
  • The importance of an international perspective in marketing plans
  • How to integrate business ethics into marketing operations
  • The importance of aligning marketing strategy with the company vision

With this training, you'll be positioned to help your company or organization gain a greater presence in the market. MBA graduates who focus on marketing tend to command strong salaries and occupations and are currently seeing double-digit job growth in recent years.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Throughout your elective courses you will immerse yourself in mini capstone experiences designed to allow you to apply your learning firsthand under the direct supervision of your instructors. Experiences may include building an integrated marketing plan, constructing a marketing communications plan and more.

The MBA Marketing Management Electives Curriculum

The Marketing electives of Benedictine’s online MBA program requires three concentration-specific courses along with your foundation and managerial online MBA courses, for a total of 16 courses:

  • MBA 676 Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age
    This class focuses on the impact of technology on marketing strategies used to compete against competitors online. You will learn about new and popular technologies in the marketplace and explore how they may evolve in the future. Upon completion of this course, you will speak the language of digital marketing, understand how the Internet impacts marketing strategy, be familiar with ways to improve strategic positioning and branding, and know how to use social media in marketing and PR strategies.
  • MBA 663 Marketing Communication
    Integrated marketing communication is the central theme in this class. You will learn to evaluate and integrate print, radio and television advertising, direct response marketing, website design and databases into communications programs. You will develop your understanding of available promotional tools, be able to evaluate promotional plans, make strategic marketing communications and be fluent in relevant marketing terms.
  • MBA 666 Consumer Behavior
    Consumers are increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable about making purchase decisions. In this course, you will explore the different influences that affect individual purchase and consumption behavior. You will draw from current theories in psychology, sociology and anthropology to gain a comprehensive understanding of what drives and motivates consumers in today's marketplace. Learn to measure, evaluate and analyze consumer behavior, study research data to create marketing strategies that drive sales and analyze consumer trends.

Your program will equip you to design and implement various marketing media strategies for your current or future employer. You will learn how tried-and-true marketing methods can integrate with new innovations and technology giving you a well-rounded knowledge base and competitive edge in the marketplace.

Why Choose Benedictine's Online MBA Marketing Electives?

By earning your MBA with Marketing Management electives online at Benedictine, you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by a top-tier university, such as:

  • Small class sizes and personal attention from instructors and advisors
  • The same respected degree earned by MBA students on Benedictine's campus
  • Classes are fully online so you can schedule your coursework according to your personal and professional commitments
  • Learn about the latest marketing theory, methods, and technology from leaders in the global marketing field
  • Depending on your professional experience, you could enter Benedictine’s online MBA program with no GMAT test requirement
  • If you choose our accelerated MBA program option, you could graduate in a little as one year

Want to learn more about the Marketing electives for Benedictine University’s online MBA program? Request more information today or call (866) 295-3104 today to speak to a Program Manager.