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Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management

Further your professional goals by taking targeted management and organizational behavior courses.

Gain a solid foundation and comprehensive understanding of both organizational leadership and management with the online Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University.

While fundamentally different, leadership and management are critically connected and complementary to each other. Management tends to focus on planning, organization and coordination, while leadership seeks to inspire and motivate others within the organization.

A Comprehensive Curriculum with Targeted Courses

Benedictine University’s online MS in Management and Organizational Behavior curriculum provides you with the tools and techniques to sharpen both your leadership and management skills. Courses are taught by esteemed experts, whose classroom instruction is derived from real-world experience. Courses include:

  • Leadership
    In this course, you will discover alternative models of leadership and their effects on employee and organizational performance. You will learn the traditional functions of management and its fundamental differences from leadership. In addition, you will recognize the individual differences in leading style and focus on developing your own leadership skills and strategies for improved performance.
  • Team Building
    This course helps you understand the theoretical basics of team building and its strengths and weaknesses as an organization development intervention. You will assess the stages of team development and how to build cohesive teams.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Management
    You will examine important ethical theories in this class including the importance of social responsibility in organizations. You will also gain an understanding of the ethical dilemmas faced by managers in such areas as marketing, product safety, the environment and job discrimination.
  • Power Strategies
    Discover contemporary perspectives and measures of power, influence and control as they relate to motivation, interpersonal relationships and organizational culture. Develop a conceptual understanding of power and influence as it relates to individual styles, gender and position.
  • Organizational Behvior
    Explore the diverse determinants and organizational consequences of individual and group behavior. Uncover theories, concepts and research findings that help leaders, managers and associates understand how motivation and performance of individuals and teams can be nurtured and sustained.
  • Strategy, Structure and Decision-Making
    The focus of this course is on the role of management in the development of organization strategy and organizational structure. You will use case analyses to understand and apply behavioral concepts to resolve organizational or managerial problems.

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