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Organizational Development

Hone your professional skills with concepts learned in key management and organizational behavior courses.

The study of organizational development focuses on effective ways to create low-stress working environments that maximize efficiency and productivity and help an organization reach its strategic goals. Understanding these important concepts is a vital component to success for any modern business looking to stay competitive, grow and retain employees.

The online Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University will help you understand the most important organizational development theories and determine which ones can be implemented in your organization to improve performance and employee development.

A Focused Curriculum to Further Your Career

The MS in Management and Organizational Behavior will teach you several different methodologies and effective approaches to maximize productivity increase employee participation and track success. Applicable courses include:

  • International Organizational Development
    This course analyzes organizational development from the perspective of national and cultural values throughout the world. You will gain an understanding of how theories can be adapted to various cultural settings and develop strategies to modify techniques based on region and culture.
  • Organization Development
    Master the theory and practice of organizational change and development. This course discusses analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of change management programs. It also covers how to manage the learning process, increase employee participation, and monitor and reinforce success.
  • Organizational Assessment
    Learn how to conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment and develop strategies to manage change and growth while ensuring that structures and processes are aligned with a company’s strategic vision.
  • Organizational Research Methods
    In this course, you will learn concepts and techniques used for theoretical and applied organizational research such as design, sampling and statistics. You will learn how to develop a framework for understanding and using this research as well as effective ways to communicate results to stakeholders.

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