Dual MBA/MPH Degree Program Online

The best of both worlds—that's what you experience when you enroll in the dual Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health online degree program at Benedictine University. This diversified curriculum combines the business acumen, analytical skills and strategic planning of an MBA with the opportunity to make a difference in the public health care community. Graduates will earn two full master's degrees in a streamlined program that allows you to complete it in less time than it would take to finish each individually.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of business disciplines in management, finance, accounting, marketing, strategic planning, international business and entrepreneurship that you can apply to a leadership role in the public health environment, such as managing a community health agency or working in a corporate wellness department. More than a management degree in health care administration, the dual MBA/MPH encompasses a thorough understanding of best business practices that form the foundation of most health care organizations and agencies. The business aspects of public health care focus on the same core competencies needed to achieve success and financial viability as any other enterprise, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Your dual MBA/MPH online degree can help enable you to distinguish yourself in a crowded field of professionals vying to reach the same goal. Your credentials in both masters' degree programs demonstrate your commitment and dedication to leading public health organizations at the highest levels. You will be prepared to face the complex challenges of health care from a business perspective and provide effective solutions that benefit individuals and entire communities.

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