Enhance Healthcare

NRHL 4392 Nurse Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration

Provides the registered nurse with the opportunity to synthesize theory and concepts required to advance leadership and collaboration skills. A systems approach to deliver nursing care, manage and lead change, ensure quality and safety, and facilitate health promotion will be explored. Focus is placed on developing appreciation for the diversity of expertise in interprofessional collaborative teams as well as establishing basic concepts of effective teamwork. 3 semester credit hours.

Prerequisite: IDS 2201, IDS 3301, NRHL 3365, NRHL 3366 and NRHL 3375.

Completion of this course; in addition to NRHL 3365 with a grade of “B” or better is required to waive enrollment in NRHL 5501 for students admitted into the Benedictine University MSN Program.