A couple of nurses smile down along with an older man with a steteoscope around his neck.

Impact Lives

Online Dual MSN/MBA Faculty

The faculty members teaching in the online dual MSN/MBA program don’t just teach their subjects — they live them. From business to nursing, you will learn from highly accomplished individuals with a range of perspectives and experiences that will enrich and enliven your online classroom and coursework.

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Cindy Atchley

Cindy Atchley has more than 27 years of academic and corporate experience in marketing, management, instruction, and international business.

Benedictine MSN faculty member Marcella M. Atwater, Ph.D., M.S., RN, PMHCNS-BC, CT

Marcella M. Atwater, Ph.D., M.S., RN, PMHCNS-BC, CT

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Marcella Atwater has been actively involved in the nursing profession for more than 35 years.

Benedictine MSN faculty member Mary Bemker, D.N.Sc., M.S.N., RN

Mary Bemker, D.N.Sc., M.S.N., RN

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Mary Bemker has taught in various learning environments, and has over 16 years’ experience teaching online.

MBA Faculty Member Cassie Busse

Cassie Busse

Adjunct Professor

Cassie started teaching at Benedictine University in June 2010. She enjoys getting to know her students through the online forum discussions.

Benedictine MSN faculty member Vicki J. Coombs, Ph.D., RN, FAHA

Vicki J. Coombs, Ph.D., RN, FAHA

Adjunct Faculty

Vicki J. Coombs works and resides in the Baltimore, Maryland area and has been a registered nurse for approximately 25 years.

MBA Faculty Member Dr. Edward Creppy

Dr. Edward Creppy

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Edward Creppy joined Benedictine University in 2013 as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Managerial Economics in the MBA Program.

Benedictine MSN faculty member Margaret C. Delaney, Ed.D, APN, CNP, RN

Margaret C. Delaney, Ed.D, APN, CNP, RN


Margaret Delaney joined Benedictine University in 2007 and teaches both in the BSN completion and MSN program.

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John C. Draut

John Draut joined Benedictine University in 1995 as an Adjunct Professor of Business in both its MBA Programs and Undergraduate Business School, lecturing in accounting, finance, business strategy, supply chain management, economics and financial reporting.

MBA Faculty Member Ricky Holman, J.D.

Ricky Holman, J.D.

Assistant Professor & Department Chair

Ricky M. Holman J.D. joined the faculty at Benedictine University in 2005. In 2014, he was appointed the Graduate Business Administration Department Chair.

Benedictine MSN faculty member Deborah L. Jezuit, Ph.D., M.S., RN

Deborah L. Jezuit, Ph.D., M.S., RN

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jezuit joined Benedictine in 2010 as an adjunct faculty and was appointed as an assistant professor in August 2014.