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Online Master of Public Health (MPH) Resource Articles

In your academic and professional life, a lot of the learning process involves learning from others. This page serves as a resource for articles on timely topics and developments in the field of public health. If there is a topic or areas of public health you would like to see explored here, drop us a note at

Specialties, Skills and Job Outlook for Those with an MPH Degree

This infographic explores what is an mph degree, mph jobs, mph skills and more.

Top 15 Places to Look For MPH Jobs

Qualified public health graduates are in high demand.

Questions to Ask When Considering Earning an Online MPH Degree

Health care jobs are expected to soar 19 percent through 2024, nearly three times the growth for al

Why a Master of Public Health?

Public health is a field which needs and welcomes people from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds.

The Benefits of Group Work in an Online Graduate Program

One apprehension online students have is group work. They seek flexibility and wonder how group work will fit within their...

The Cultural Context of Health Care: MPH Student Takeaways

America is a melting pot of many cultures. To work effectively as a public health professional, one must be knowledgeable...

Top 10 Must-Read Journals for Public Health Students

Staying up to date with developments and trends in the field will be an advantage to you as a public health student. At...

Top Five Ways an Internship Can Advance Your Public Health Career

Public health professionals are increasingly in high demand, and the field is currently experiencing a number of new trends...

The Top Four Specialization Choices of MPH Professionals in 2015

Discover four key areas that are forcing professionals to take notice of the opportunities in public health and consider...

Top Public Health Issues Facing Health Officials

While the United States offers some of the best-quality health care in the world, there are still difficult challenges to...