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Online MS in Nutrition and Wellness Student Testimonials

The nutrition and wellness field is growing and changing rapidly as the health care industry evolves to discover new ways to prevent disease and promote health. Students in this program are at the forefront of this exciting area of health care and services. Learn how they’re using their new knowledge to change their careers and improve wellness.

I have learned a lot in such a little time. Eight weeks doesn’t seem that long but I have learned so many new things from so many different viewpoints, professors and classmates.

Emilie Ferenz RD, LDN, CNSC, Registered Dietitian

Benedictine was the only school in which I was able to find a combination of nutrition and wellness concepts, in an online program that was also available to those with a nursing background. The program has definitely helped me in my career.

Kassandra Seitz , MDS Coordinator

It’s possible to work full-time, complete graduate course work and have a social life with family and friends without losing any sleep. You can tailor the course’s schedule to work with yours. You can also easily work on assignments no matter where you are.

Paulina Steimel, Registered Dietitian

The online classes are small and one really has the opportunity to work/collaborate with fellow students. The program has helped me in recognizing cultural disparities in various ethnic populations and how to create programming, appropriately, for these populations.

Susie Croes-Barone, Wellness Consultant