Impact Lives

Benita Thomas

I am currently an Account Executive for a health insurance organization. I have worked with this company for 11 years. I expect that in the future my Master of Public Health degree will be very helpful with my desire to work in the field of HIV/AIDS education with the hopes of educating on an international level. I hope to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or World Health Organization (WHO).

I was able to travel to Tanzania, Africa, with other students in June 2010. It was a medical mission trip with Benedictine University and Dr. Karen Maloney. While I was there, I had the opportunity to use my HIV counseling and testing certification. I tested a few of the children for HIV at the Imiliwaha orphanage in the village of Njombe. I was able to keep in touch with the diocese there and was invited back to do more HIV testing in six more villages as well as orphanages in the villages. This will take place this summer, June 2012, for three weeks. I will use this experience to fulfill my internship hours.

I am currently in my last MPH class and I will start on my certificate in Health Education in the fall.