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MBA 6687 Multicultural Management


Embrace diversity to succeed in a global environment.

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

International managers find that their management styles must adapt to cultural differences in a global environment. In MBA 6687 Multicultural Management, you will understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and positioning the business strategy within the context of the host country's business practices and environment. You will look at challenges, such as political risks, that can affect business, and you will consider the ways in which multinational companies meet their responsibility to their various stakeholders.

The method international managers use to communicate is another adjustment that must be implemented to effectively bridge culture gaps. This is especially true in terms of the Internet, as it continues to evolve into a powerhouse marketing driver. You will understand the need to adjust your online communication to reflect difference in language, culture, local laws and more. You will see how this adjustment in communication is also necessary for the international business negotiation process.

What You Will Learn in MBA 6687

The formation of cross-border alliances leverages complementary skills, products, and markets. You will observe how these partnerships are sought out and developed. As you turn your attention to human resources, you will discover that there is a high rate of failure among expatriate managers, often because of family pressures. You will explore executive selection and other global human resources management issues.

Sample Assignment

You will choose a country other than the U.S. and create a Country Cultural Profile presentation using concepts you will learn from course content. In addition to an overview of the country and its culture, this term-long project will address how business is conducted in that country in terms of communication, negotiation, motivation, operations, human resources and more.

Motivating and leading employees in global companies relies heavily on a manager’s cross-cultural communication skills. You will discuss how the meaning of “work” differs between countries and will identify the traits and behaviors expected of leaders in different cultures.

Course Topics

Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • The Global Manager's Environment
  • The Cultural Context of Global Management
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Strategy
  • Global Strategy Implementation and Structure
  • Global HR Management
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Motivating and Leading
  • Country Cultural Profile Presentations

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of MBA 6687, you will be able to:

  • Define Global Management Styles.
  • Understand the role of culture in business.
  • Discuss cross-cultural negotiation and decision making.
  • Formulate and Implement strategies for global operations.
  • Analyze and discuss a situational case study.
  • Research and develop a Cultural Country Profile.

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