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MBA 6663 Marketing Communication


Discover how integration enhances marketing strategies.

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

Marketing tools don’t exist in a vacuum. An ad, radio spot or blog doesn’t succeed solely on its own merits or through random placement. In MBA 6663 Marketing Communication, you will gain expertise in integrating multiple media into an effective and cohesive communication program. You will gauge the importance of targeting campaigns to reach different demographics. You will also address the factors that go into decisions such as keeping your advertising efforts in-house and/or using an ad agency, media specialist company or other service provider. Consumer behavior must be factored into the development of ad and promotional campaigns, and you will explore that topic in order to better understand how to capture consumer attention.

Social media, word-of-mouth, and viral marketing are important communication elements in an integrated marketing communication plan. You will evaluate their impacts they have on a plan. In creating an integrated marketing communication plan, it’s important to look within your organization and identify the various objectives of different departments and stakeholders. Each of these objectives will need to be considered when creating an advertising message and media plan.

What You will Learn in MBA 6663

The media planning process considers the various media available, how effective those media are in reaching your target market, costs, reach, return on investment and more. You will gain insight into individual media and learn the pros and cons associated with each. Increasingly, the Internet and social media can be effective means for advertising. You will examine both, as well as corporate advertising and public relations as parts of the promotional mix.


Working with a team of your classmates, you will choose a Fortune 500 company and throughout the course, create an integrated marketing communications plan for that organization. Your plan will include the full complement of components, including campaigns for advertising and direct marketing, digital marketing and promotions, and public relations and personal selling. The plan will also feature strategies for the plan’s integration and implementation, and for its monitoring, evaluation and control.

It’s not uncommon for areas of an integrated marketing communication plan to underperform. If you are able to continually measure your programs’ effectiveness, you will see what works, what doesn’t, and will be able to adjust your plan accordingly. You will analyze various measurements used to assess marketing and promotions in a timely fashion. Ethics also play a role in advertising and promotion. You will consider ethical and social aspects in addition to learning how the Federal Trade Commission and other state and federal agencies regulate the industry of advertising.

Course Topics

Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Organizations & Consumer Behavior
  • Communications Process
  • Creative Strategy to IMC
  • Media Planning
  • Internet, Sales and PR
  • Effectiveness of Promotional Programs
  • International Advertising and Regulations

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of MBA 6663, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the changing role of advertising and the various promotion elements in integrated marketing communications.
  • Compare and contrast the various marketing communications elements and each one's advantages and disadvantages.
  • Explain the rapid effect that technology is having on marketing communications.
  • Examine the changing role of advertising agencies and other facilitators in the marketing communication process.
  • Integrate the various marketing communications elements and construct an integrated marketing communications plan.

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