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Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management Degree

Strengthen your leadership and advancement potential with the online Bachelor of Arts in Management from Benedictine University. The online bachelor’s degree program in Management is ideal for business professionals who wish to advance into managerial roles, but don’t want to sacrifice their personal time or current career. The online degree program provides you with a holistic understanding of business management and operations to help you become a more effective manager.

The Management curriculum explores several major business functions, including:

  • Accounting – Benedictine’s undergraduate accounting courses include topics such as accounting structures, systems, and controls; preparing financial statements; analysis of financial reports; and financial decision-making.
  • Business statistics – statistical techniques, regression and correlation, and analysis of variance are a few important topics introduced in the required statistics courses.
  • Human resources management – all undergraduate Management students complete a course that covers basic human resource concepts and issues.
  • Project management – students learn what it takes to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close various types of projects while sticking to budgets and schedules.
  • Organizational behavior – courses introduce concepts related to organizational structures, group dynamics, motivation, performance evaluation, and decision-making.
  • International management – students examine cross-cultural political, legal, and labor environments and how they relate to the unique challenges of managing an international business.
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What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management?

In addition to serving as a stepping stone to an MBA program, a bachelor’s degree in Management can qualify you for a range of lucrative and satisfying careers, including:

TitleMedian Yearly SalaryProjected Job Growth
Financial Manager$121,7507%
Marketing Manager$127,5609%
Fundraising Manager$107,3217%
Administrative Services Manager$90,0508%

Two Unique Management Concentrations Available

As a student in the program, you will have the opportunity to select from two concentrations — Marketing or Human Resources Management. You will then explore your chosen area of concentration in more depth and gain valuable expertise that can set you apart from your colleagues in the marketplace.

Which Management Concentration is Right For Me?

The Marketing concentration courses cover topics including consumer behavior, promotional strategies, international marketing, and internet marketing. The curriculum is designed to ensure graduates know how to reach a target audience and deliver an effective corporate messaging strategy. Those who want to understand how people decide to make purchases, as well as how to leverage that decision-making process to increase sales, will be perfectly suited to the Marketing concentration.

Courses in the Human Resources Management concentration examine employee recruitment strategies, performance and appraisal management, compensation and benefits administration, and employment law. For many companies, human resource managers are vital to making sure the right people are hired, and that the best and brightest employees are retained. Professionals who wish to work directly with employees and have great influence over matters of a company’s staffing will find the Human Resources Management concentration to be the perfect fit.

Key Skills Learned during the Undergraduate Management Program

The online bachelor’s degree in Management at Benedictine focuses on guiding business operations and the decision-making process. You will learn to:

  • Determine growth initiatives using internal and external critical success factors.
  • Review financial factors and monitor strategic performance.
  • Review key strategies used in meeting long-term objectives.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to define and design strategic initiatives.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of entering global markets.

Transfer up to 90 credits from previous undergraduate work and complete your degree sooner.

Program Offerings

In addition to the traditional online Bachelor of Arts in Management program, Benedictine also offers the program in a hybrid modality.

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