Nurse wraps individual's wrist in bandages.

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Top 10 Best Paying States for Nursing

Map of the United States

Nurses are one of the most in demand professions in America. By 2016, there will be a need for more than 1,000,000 nurses in the United States. Check out the 10 best places to be a nurse based on salary and job openings:*

State Annual Mean Wage Hourly Mean Wage
California $96,980 $46.62
Hawaii $85,380 $41.05
Massachusetts $83,720 $40.25
Alaska $83,640 $40.21
Oregon $80,440 $38.67
Nevada $78,800 $37.89
New Jersey $77,360 $37.19
Washington $76,420 $36.74
Connecticut $76,280 $36.67
New York $75,470 $36.29

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