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Bobbie Sue Whitworth, Ph.D., M.S.N., RN

Adjunct Faculty
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Dr. Bobbie Sue Whitworth has more than 15 years of teaching experience, in a wide variety of educational settings that range from undergraduate to doctorial, non-profit to profit, traditional classroom to online settings. Her positions in academia have been diverse and have included serving as faculty, administrator, academic chair, consultant, researcher and curriculum designer. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Whitworth was the Nursing Administrator for a large home care organization. At this institute, she led and supervised several satellite facilities.

Dr. Whitworth was the Director of Health for an interactive social QA platform, Sharecare, created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz and in partnership with Harpo Studios. She served as the expert in healthcare content. She was also an integral part in the launch (June 8, 2011) of the Teen Strength healthcare site created by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Dr. Whitworth has written numerous articles and is currently co-authoring a book on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the Nursing Leader. She is certified in EI and is qualified to administer the Emotional Intelligence Inventory tool. She has presented at local, national and international healthcare conferences. She has published several scholarly articles and currently serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Management.

Whitworth is currently co-authoring a book on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the Nursing Leader. In addition to this, she has published several scholarly articles and serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Management.

Her work includes:

Is there a Relationship Between Personality Type and Preferred Conflict-Handling Styles? An Exploratory Study of Registered Nurses in Southern Mississippi

The United States is faced with a serious nursing shortage, due in part to job dissatisfaction related to conflict in the workplace. The article determines the relationship between different personality factors of female registered nurses and their method of dealing with conflict finding:

  • Conflict is both necessary and absolute, and factors that influence development and resolution of conflict include personality traits.
  • According to this study, which used the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Thomas-Kilmann Mode Instrument, there is no relationship between registered nurses' personality factors and methods used to deal with conflict.

10 Reasons to Earn Your Nursing Degree Online

Whitworth notes the rise of online degree programs for busy working professionals who want to take their careers in health care to the next level.

Some key points include:

  • Many nurses are required to work varying shifts and are unable to attend traditional classes. Online courses offer a flexible learning schedule. Students can study when they have free time and do not need to find time to make it to a class.
  • Online courses save students a considerable amount of money, given that they don’t have to spend money on gas and parking, and are able to eat at home.
  • It also saves professionals additional time to spend with their families, rather than sitting in a classroom.