Online Student Experience

Your Experience

At Benedictine, our online programs offer a full academic experience in a convenient and flexible format. Just as in a campus-based course, you will discuss issues with your peers, ask your instructor questions, and have assignment deadlines to meet. Watch the video to learn more about how to take full advantage of the online learning environment.

Your Courses

Online courses at Benedictine University are designed to engage you with the subject matter as well as your instructor and classmates. Guided by our accomplished instructors, you will complete each week’s coursework, which can include reading course materials, contributing to discussions, or other types of assignments. In this section, you will get a preview of some of your upcoming courses.

Your Support

Even though you won’t be at our physical campus, you will have plenty of support to help you succeed as a Benedictine student. Online students have access to a 24X7 help desk, an academic advisor, financial aid advisors, and career services. You can even tap into the resources at our library and chat with a librarian to help you with your research.

Your Faculty

The instructors at Benedictine University are dedicated to helping students succeed. As an online student at Benedictine, they are one of the most valuable resources available to you.

Your teachers make themselves available for discussion, questions, and extra help when you need it. Take a moment to learn more about the accomplished faculty at Benedictine.

Your Community

As a member of the Benedictine University community, your voice is important. In fact, participation is a crucial element of your success in the online program, and we believe that you will learn as much from each other as on your own.

Class sizes are kept small to encourage lively and frequent discussions with your instructor and your fellow students. Take this opportunity to create a network of fellow professionals, friends, and colleagues.