Disaster Management Certificate

As natural disasters and catastrophes pose greater risks to communities, the demand for skilled professionals who can manage and mitigate their effects continues to grow. The online Certificate in Disaster Management equips you with the essential abilities needed from a public health standpoint to prepare for and prevent disasters, assess risk, communicate with organizations and populations, make decisions and take action according to established models and practices, and aid in the recovery process.

You may be able to apply your certificate to positions involved in:

  • Coordinating or implementing programs and plans related to emergency preparedness, response, and/or recovery
  • Assisting states or communities to plan and implement community development programs for emergency and disaster management
  • Assisting with the development of educational and training materials for disaster-relief initiatives
  • Providing summaries and progress reports to senior level management and program directors
  • Duties associated with law enforcement, fire safety services and other public safety agencies that deal with disaster planning

Certificate in Disaster Management Curriculum

The certificate requires the successful completion of four courses. It can be earned as a stand-alone certificate or in conjunction with the Master of Public Health degree program.

MPH 650 Principles & Practices of Emergency Response & Recovery
This course considers how to manage the unique safety requirements of health care organizations within the framework provided by OSHA regulations and voluntary accreditation organizations. Topics include infection control, blood-borne pathogens, patient safety, ergonomics, construction safety, respiratory protection, fire protection and emergency response.

MPH 654 Psychology and Sociology of Disasters
In this course, students explore the psychological, sociological and communication aspects of working with the public during disasters. Students learn current best practices designed to mitigate the harmful psychological and sociological impact of disasters.

MPH 656 Hazard Assessment & Preparedness
Students will study natural and manmade disasters to learn how to estimate the probability of these events, as well as methods to prevent, mitigate and recover from them.

MPH 657 Disaster Management in Public Health 
This course examines incident preparedness and response from a variety of public health dimensions, including acute and chronic health care delivery, impacts on vulnerable populations, delivery of basic human services, epidemic response and environmental and occupational health. Students will learn how to prepare for and address disruptions of public health systems arising from disasters.

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