The Dual MPH/MSMOB Degree

A Dual Degree in Management and Organizational Behavior and Public Health

Working in the public health sector involves leading and managing groups within organizations and populations. Help employees, organizations and facilities in this sector function more effectively with the online Dual Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior degree from Benedictine University. Use your knowledge of human and group behavior to motivate behavior change while applying your insights into public health care issues and challenges to pinpoint areas for improvement and design strategies for addressing them.

Your dual online degree program will equip you to take the lead on projects involving workplace safety, employee health and welfare issues, designing policies for a diverse population, managing change and applying ethical solutions to health care issues and challenges. You can share significant insights into group activity and bring your understanding of human resources management and group dynamics to shed light on health-related community issues.

Your dual online degree gives you an advantage by combining the core competencies in management and organizational behavior with those in public health care. By taking advantage of the dual degree option, you will earn two full master's degrees in less time than it would take to earn each separately.

With the dual online MPH/MSMOB you will be primed to become a key part of the management team to educate and promote proper health practices in a variety of settings. This dual degree equips you to respond to public health challenges with compassion, expertise and essential skills.

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