Dual MBA/Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior

Prepare yourself for almost anything the business world throws your way with the online Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior program at Benedictine University.  This MBA dual degree program combines the quantitative business expertise of an MBA with an understanding of human behavior and group interaction offered in our MS.

A Classic Business Degree

The MBA portion of this dual degree program prepares you to successfully lead organizations through today’s often rocky business environment with in-depth coursework in accounting, finance, economics, analytical tools and more. You can also choose one of seven concentrations to focus on an area of particular interest to you:

Complement Business Acumen with an Understanding of Human Behavior

In the MS portion of the curriculum, coursework emphasizes the “human side” of organizations: how to build effective teams, resolve conflict, and lead organizational assessment, development and change. Employers increasingly recognize the value of these people-centered management skills.

Build Your Expertise and Save Time

By choosing the dual degree MBA/MS program, you can earn two valuable master’s degrees in 96 credit hours, compared to 128 if you did both degree programs separately.

By studying business topics, management tools and techniques, and organizational behavior, you will be able to position yourself as an expert on a wide range of business functions in almost any industry. Learn more about how the MBA dual degree online can prepare you for a successful, high-reaching career. Contact us to request more information or call us at (866) 295-3104 to speak with an admissions advisor.