Online MBA Curriculum

Design the Online MBA Program You Want at Benedictine University

Earn your MBA degree online from an accredited and highly-respected university that expands your business knowledge and provides the foundation needed to succeed in today's challenging business environment. You can choose your own options to create an online MBA program that will help you realize your career dreams in an academic environment that supports social responsibility and rigorous scholarship. Take the traditional one-class-at-a-time MBA, or earn your degree faster by taking two classes each session with the accelerated MBA. Both programs offer a dual concentration option with 12 additional hours of coursework and the potential to waive up to four foundation courses depending on your educational background.

The full MBA program (without waivers) consists of 64 credits.

Foundation & Managerial Process Courses

MBA 520 Leadership & Ethics in a Global Environment 4 credits
MBA 530 Organizational Behavior 4 credits
MBA 541 Analytical Tools for Management Decisions 4 credits
MBA 510 Economics 4 credits
MBA 500 Financial Accounting 4 credits
MBA 539 International Business 4 credits
MBA 601 Managerial Accounting 4 credits
MBA 611 Managerial Economics 4 credits
MBA 661 Marketing Management 4 credits
MBA 651 Financial Management 4 credits
MBA 630 Operations Management 4 credits
MBA 683 Project Management 4 credits
MBA 671 Strategic Management 4 credits

Accounting Concentration Elective Courses

MBA 504 Corporate Accounting Theory & Practice 4 credits
MBA 506 Corporate Accounting Theory & Practice II 4 credits
MBA 605 Tax Influences on Decision Making 4 credits

Entrepreneurship & Managing Innovation Concentration Elective Courses

MBA 559 Entrepreneurship 4 credits
MBA 622 Creativity & Innovation in Business 4 credits
MBA 655 Financing New Ventures 4 credits

Financial Management Concentration Elective Courses

MBA 603 Cost Analysis, Profit Planning and Control 4 credits
MBA 604 Theory and Practice of Financial Report 4 credits
MBA 653 Investment Theory and Portfolio Management 4 credits

Health Care Administration Concentration Elective Courses

MPH 602 Public Health System 4 credits
MPH 605 Environmental Health 4 credits
MPH 664 Marketing of Public Health 4 credits
MPH 680 The Business of Healthcare 4 credits

International Business Concentration Elective Courses

MBA 687 Multi-Cultural Management 4 credits
MBA 686 International Marketing 4 credits
MBA 619 International Economics and Finance 4 credits

Internet Marketing Concentration Elective Courses
Students can select any combination of three courses from the list below

MBA 594 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4 credits
MBA 595 Social Media 4 credits
MBA 592 Conversion Optimization 4 credits
MBA 593 Web Analytics 4 credits

Marketing Management Concentration Elective Courses

MBA 676 Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age 4 credits
MBA 663 Marketing Communication 4 credits
MBA 666 Consumer Behavior 4 credits

MBA Program Course Descriptions

Foundation Courses

MBA 520 Leadership and Ethics in a Global Environment
The course reviews paradigms of leadership in the global environment. Students will learn to apply principles for ethical decision-making in business situations and assess their capacity for leadership and responsibility.

MBA 530 Organizational Behavior 
This course focuses on the effects of organizational variables on individual and group behavior. Coursework addresses the theory and practice of organization behavior as it relates to the individual, effective team building, conflict management and resolution and the negotiation of legal and psychological contracts. The course also examines broader aspects of organizational culture and their impact on today's managers. Students learn how to use concepts in the traditional workplace as well as the virtual workplace.

MBA 541 Analytical Tools for Management Decisions
This course prepares students to be more effective users of quantitative information as well as to avoid potential pitfalls from the misuse of statistical methods. Coursework emphasizes understanding what a previously obtained data set implies and, if appropriate, to develop meaningful forecasts with a reasonable sense of confidence. Specific topics include data analysis and statistical description, sampling and statistical inference, time series and regression analysis.

MBA 510 Economics 
Students will study fundamental concepts of macroeconomics, including supply and demand as well as methods of measuring economic performance, such as GDP, inflation, and unemployment. Other topics include the causes of instability in the economy and potential corrective measures.

MBA 500 Financial Accounting
Concentrates on the preparation, interpretation, and analysis of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. Emphasizes the rationale for and implications of important accounting concepts, the selection of alternative accounting methods, and their effects on valuation, net income determination and reporting.

MBA 539 International Business
Students will discuss selected readings in international business. Topics include culture, geography, politics, foreign direct investment, supply chain management, monetary systems, foreign exchange markets and political risk management. Current developments in international business will be covered.

Managerial Process Courses

MBA 601 Managerial AccountingThis course introduces the measurement, communication, and interpretation of cost data for management decision-making, planning, control, and evaluation of results. Students are shown how to use accounting information as an effective management tool for coordinating managerial activities. Course material is explored in the context of the extensive changes being implemented in the area of manufacturing, service delivery technologies, and control systems. This course uses case studies to emphasize the application of concepts.

MBA 611 Managerial Economics
Students will learn to apply micro-economic tools to business decision-making. Topics include optimization, consumer behavior, elasticity of demand, the use of regression analysis to estimate demand (revenues) and costs, marginal analysis and market structure.

MBA 661 Marketing Management
This course introduces students to both the theory and practice of marketing. It analyzes all marketing issues from the perspective of the marketing manager. Students will explore how consumer behavior, market research, environmental trend analysis, new product development, pricing and distribution decisions, and promotional considerations must interact to create a successful marketing program. Case analysis, contemporary issues in marketing, and the practical application of marketing concepts to the students employment experiences are also features of this course.

MBA 651 Financial Management
Students will develop an understanding of financial theory and its application through case analysis. Topics include capital management, operating and financial leverage, costs of capital, investment, and financing decisions. Coursework covers techniques for the evaluation of investment alternatives using net present value and internal rate of return concepts. The course emphasizes the application of these concepts to the valuation of a going concern. Extensive use of pro forma modeling of financial statements is made throughout the course.

MBA 630 Operations Management
This course focuses on the strategic role of operations and how to improve operations processes. Issues to be discussed include continuous quality improvement, the critical importance of the customer and consideration of selected quantitative techniques.

MBA 683 Project Management
The class is an examination of the art and science of project management as applied to a variety of business and technology settings. Students will study how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects within budget and on schedule. Advanced topics may include critical chains, adaptive and agile project management and portfolio management. A project planning software tool is used, usually MS Project. This course is appropriate for technology and non-technology managers alike.

MBA 671 Strategic Management
This course requires students to use and integrate the disciplines and techniques learned in previous required courses. Strategy formulation and implementation concepts are discussed using theory and cases.

Accounting Concentration Courses

MBA 504 Corporate Accounting Theory & Practice
Focus on the theory and practice behind the preparation and use of financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and the statement of cash flows. Provides an understanding of the significance and limitations of financial statements. Useful those pursuing careers in professional accounting and a necessary course for those planning to sit for the CPA exam. Also a useful course for those managers requiring a sophisticated knowledge of financial statements as it relates to bottom-line responsibility, particularly those managers required to provide attestation of the accuracy of the financial statements and internal controls.

MBA 506 Corporate Accounting Theory & Practice II
A continuation of MBA 504 providing an in-depth study of the conceptual framework of corporate accounting and generally accepted accounting practices with particular reference to the problem areas of financial reporting, such as accounting for pensions, accounting for income taxes, segment reporting, and earnings per share. Intended for those who are pursuing a career in accounting or finance, especially those who are seeking professional certification.

MBA 605 Tax Influences on Decision-Making
This course presents the impact of federal income taxation on various business decisions. Areas such as choice of business organization, capital gains, timing of income, depreciation, and employee benefits are emphasized.

Entrepreneurship & Managing Innovation Concentration Courses

MBA 559 Entrepreneurship
The course covers new venture management, entrepreneurial personalities, managing creativity and establishing a successful enterprise. The major project is a new business plan.

MBA 622 Creativity and Innovation in Business 
This course explores individual and group methods to enhance innovation in the organization. Theories of creativity are reviewed, as well as the use of technologies to develop new products and processes.

MBA 655 Financing New Ventures
Students will discuss and analyze funding sources for new ventures, the venture capital markets, effective financial strategies and managing a new and growing enterprise.

Financial Management Concentration Courses

MBA 603 Cost Analysis, Profit Planning and Control
Students will study profit planning, strategy, and the behavioral aspects of accounting information.

MBA 604 Theory and Practice of Financial Reporting
Students will learn about the theory and practice behind the preparation and use of financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows, as well as their the significance and limitations. The impact of decisions made by corporate executives with regard to the financial statements and their presentation will be discussed.

MBA 653 Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
This course applies modern capital market theory to investment analysis and portfolio management. Topics include risk and return measurement, evaluation of portfolio performance, efficient market theory, and pricing of call options, corporate bonds, and equity.

Health Administration Concentration Courses

MPH 602 Public Health Systems
This course provides an overview of the history, basic structures and operations of public health and health care delivery systems.

MPH 605 Environmental Health
The health implications of human relationships to the biosphere are examined as well as the effect of environmental change upon physical, biological, and social patterns. Alternative solutions for environmental problems are explored.

MPH 664 Marketing of Public Health
Concepts of marketing theory and the execution of marketing tactics as they apply to the health industry. The course focuses on actions that successful health leaders take in marketing planning, strategy, research and implementation of marketing plans.

MPH 680 The Business of Healthcare
This course provides an overview about Health Care business in the United States. It covers government programs, the managed care environment, and the administrative simplification transactions as enacted as part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Students will gain an in depth understanding of how health care “works” in the US through the understanding of physician and hospital structures, reimbursement models, insurance operations, and Managed Care. In addition, students will understand how HIPAA can lower administrative costs, particularly those associated with paper transactions and electronic technology. Finally, the class will explore the newer dimensions of health care: ICD-10 diagnosis coding, Quality Initiatives in Health Care and “Meaningful Use”, Health Insurance Exchanges, Health Information Exchanges, Affordable Care Act, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

International Business Concentration Courses

MBA 687 Multicultural Management
The complex global business arena of the 21st century mandates that managers develop the skills to design and implement global strategies and to conduct effective cross-national interactions. This course will focus on cultural skills and sensitivity as well as the ability to carry out company strategy within the context of the host country's business practices and environment.

MBA 686 International Marketing 
Applies marketing principles and concepts across national borders by examining several key variables of the international environment, such as competition, politics, laws and consumer behavior.

MBA 619 International Economics and Finance
Students will examine modern theories of international trade and current issues in selected areas of international finance. Topics include the theory of comparative advantage, balance of payments, international monetary systems, foreign exchange markets, international parity conditions, hedging tools and techniques and foreign investment.

Internet Marketing Concentration Courses

MBA 594 Search Engine Optimization
Study the fundamentals and best practices of SEO, including keyword research and analysis, link-building, link-baiting, and copywriting.

MBA 595 Social Media
Learn to design, implement, and evaluate an effective social media strategy that integrates blogs, video, photos, social networks and search optimized press releases.

MBA 593 Web Analytics
Learn the basic framework of web analysis, gain proficiency at testing, and leverage analytics insight into useful surveys, experiments and assessments such as A/B splits and multivariate testing.

MBA 592 Conversion Optimization
Successfully convert visitors to customers by studying customer personas, optimization techniques, and methods for establishing credibility with your users.

Marketing Management Concentration Courses

MBA 676 Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age
This class focuses on the marketing efforts that companies of all sizes use to create effective Internet strategies. Students will also investigate what new technologies are dominating the marketplace today, and what we can expect as the Internet and other technologies evolve. The student will become fluent in the language of e-marketing and learn how to effectively design and execute an organization's digital marketing plan.

MBA 663 Marketing Communication
Integrated marketing communication is the central theme in this class. Students learn to evaluate and integrate print, radio and television advertising, direct response marketing, Web site design, and databases into coherent communications programs.

MBA 666 Consumer Behavior
Understanding why consumers do the things they do is essential in marketing. In this course, students will explore the many influences that affect individual purchase and consumption behavior. The wide-ranging approach taken will draw on current theory in psychology, sociology and anthropology.

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