Online Business Administration Associate Degree

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Associates Degree in Business AdministrationThe online Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Business Administration from Benedictine is designed to build your understanding of the major areas of business. Use your enhanced knowledge from Benedictine’s online associate degree in Business Administration to take on more responsibilities, be a leader and fast track your career in nearly any type of business.

Areas covered include:

  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social psychology
  • Business ethics

The learning outcomes of the online Associate in Business Administration focus on your professional and leadership development. You will:

  • Evaluate the role of economics and business in our culture.
  • Improve your communication and analytical abilities.
  • Practice interpersonal skills.
  • Develop specific skills applicable to various aspects of business functions.

Benedictine’s online associate degree program in Business Administration requires 39 general education credits and 24 business core credits. You will complete two classes every eight weeks. To view full course descriptions click here.


General Education Requirements
WRIT 101 Person in Community: Writing Colloquium
3 credits
SPCH 110 Speech Communication
3 credits
WRIT 102 Research Writing
3 credits
MATH 104 Advanced Business Mathematics
3 credits
HUMN 220 The Mediterranean World
3 credits
PHIL 245 General Ethics
3 credits
FNAR 100 Art Appreciation
3 credits
NUTR 100 Impact of Nutrition
3 credits
MUSI 104 Music Appreciation: Medieval to Contemporary
3 credits
GEOG 105 Physical Geography
3 credits
ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics
3 credits
PSYC 100 Survey of Psychology
3 credits
ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
Business Core Requirements
MGT 110 Business Principles and Skills for Academic Success
3 credits
CMSC 100 Introduction to PC Software Applications
3 credits
MGT 150 Business Statistics
3 credits
ECON 102
Principles of Microeconomics
3 credits
ACCT 111
Accounting I
3 credits
ACCT 112
Accounting II
3 credits
MGT 210 Management
3 credits
MGT 220 Entrepreneurship
3 credits

Program tuition is $410 per credit hour, and there are various financial aid options to help you with this investment in your education and professional future. Learn more about your financial aid options.

You can immediately apply what you learn in the online Associate of Arts in Business Administration program to general business positions in any industry or field.

Regardless of your specific professional plans, a college degree is crucial if you want to improve your career prospects.

  • From 1989 to 2012, the number of employees with some college or an associate degree rose by 40 percent1.
  • There were 1.6 million jobs gained in the recovery for those with some college experience or an associate degree1.
  • The most popular cities for employees with an associate degree include New York, Houston and Chicago2.

Not only does your online Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree help provide you with more career opportunities, it also acts as a stepping-stone toward more targeted online bachelor’s and graduate studies. You can move onto Benedictine’s online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management or the online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Organizational Leadership and further realize your career potential.

1Anthony P. Carnevale, Tamara Jayasundera, Ban Cheah; “The College Advantage: Weathering the Economic Storm,” available at
2Associate Degree (AD), Business Administration Popular Tallies,, updated 11/21/13

Your online Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree from Benedictine is applicable to many different jobs and industries, offering flexibility in your career and your future educational plans. You could potentially work as a(n):

  • Administrative assistant
  • Business operations generalist
  • Customer service specialist
  • Project manager
  • Account executive
  • Office manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Assistant manager
  • Department manager
  • Sales representative
  • Marketing assistant
  • Small-business owner

The chart below offers up-to-date salary information for many of these careers:

Why should you choose Benedictine’s program from all the available online associate degree programs? There are many reasons:

  • It’s AFFORDABLE: we offer competitive tuition rates, financial aid for those who qualify and tuition discounts for military and their spouses
  • It’s FAST: Depending on the number of transfer credits you have, you may be able to complete the program in 16 to 22 months.
  • It’s a pathway to a BACHELOR’S DEGREE: With 36 credits, you can move into Benedictine’s Bachelor of Arts in Management or Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership — both offered fully online.
  • It’s a TRADITIONAL university: With more than 125 years of history, Benedictine has built a reputation for academic excellence.
  • It’s NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED: US News & World Report ranked Benedictine for Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in 2013, and Forbes magazine named Benedictine among “America’s Top Colleges” for the third consecutive year in 2013.
  • It’s ACCREDITED: Benedictine is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
  • It’s CONVENIENT: Courses are completely online and asynchronous, meaning you don’t need to log in on a certain day or time each week.
  • It’s SUPPORTIVE: We don't just tell you how we are different – we show you. Students admitted into our program are able to acclimate themselves with the online learning environment before their first day of class in our complementary “Success Strategies” course. As a student at Benedictine, you'll have access to admissions counselors, academic advisors, 24/7 technical support and other services to ensure your educational experience is rich and successful.

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